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Cleaning new residential construction in Montreal

Today, we're diving into the often overlooked world of post-construction cleaning for a new home in Montreal. Whether you're a homeowner anxious to see your new home sparkle, or a contractor looking to finalize a flawless project, post-construction cleaning is crucial to achieving that goal.

The importance of post-construction cleaning

Imagine this: after weeks or even months of construction, your new home is finally ready. However, it's covered in dust, residues of building materials and sometimes even debris left behind by the workmen. Not only can this be frustrating, it can also affect indoor air quality and the overall safety of your home. That's where professional cleaning comes in.

Steps in post-construction cleaning

Initial assessment: Before starting, the professionals assess the extent of the work required. This includes removing debris, deep dusting, cleaning windows and surfaces, and polishing floors if necessary.

Debris removal: The first step is often to remove any large debris and residual materials that may be lying around the house or grounds.

Thorough cleaning: Every nook and cranny is carefully dusted, vacuumed and cleaned. Walls, ceilings, light fixtures, electrical outlets and window frames receive special attention.

Floor cleaning: Floors are cleaned according to their type - whether wood, tile, concrete or other, to restore them to their original shine.

Finishing and inspection: Once the cleaning is complete, a thorough inspection is carried out to ensure that everything meets the high standards of cleanliness.

Why use Netcorp for post-construction cleaning?

In Montreal, the seasons can be unpredictable, and our post-construction cleaning specialists understand the specific challenges posed by the local climate. We also have the skills and equipment to guarantee impeccable results without compromising on quality.

Here's one of our recent residential construction cleaning projects. It's a three-storey residence with a mezzanine and terrace.

Vue des escaliers
Fenêtre netoyée


At the end of the day, post-construction cleaning is much more than a simple finishing task. It's an investment in the beauty, safety and durability of your new Montreal home. By entrusting this task to Netcorp, you ensure that your living space is ready to welcome precious moments and lasting memories. Don't hesitate to share your own experiences or ask us questions.



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