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About Us

We Take Pride in Our Cleaning!

NetCorp is an independent cleaning company based in Montreal. Whether you are a small business or a multinational, we are committed to providing our clients with the best commercial cleaning services on the market by investing in our employees with the best training, state-of-the-art equipment and measurable cleaning processes. We understand that every company is different which is why we offer tailored cleaning solutions based on your needs and that fits your budget.


Why Choose NetCorp?

  • Stable cleaning crews who know your property

  • Thorough and reliable cleaning every time

  • Frequent cleaning performance evaluations and reporting

  • Efficient cleaning technology

  • Thorough cleaning for a healthier work environment

Tailored Cleaning Solutions for Your Industry!

When the time comes to choose a company to take care of your place of business, office, clinic, common areas or any other business or workplace, choosing a partner for the maintenance goes beyond the price to ensure the quality and preservation of your assets. Contact us today at and get a cleaning service that meets your expectations!


Our Expertise

The members of our team are trained on every locations to ensure that we offer you a cleaning service that meets your expectations.



Thorough training, testing, inspection and documentation.  Our process achieves noticeable results for your satisfaction.


Green Cleaning

Green-certified products and techniques can help you creating a sustainable cleaning program that minimizes your environmental impact.


Professional Teams

We are insured, guaranteed and respect the regulations of your facility premises. We’re passionate about our job and mindful of our customers.


Competitive Pricing

We offer various cleaning services at a competitive price to meet the needs of your business while respecting your budget.


Customer Service

Do you need an emergency cleanup? We’re on the way! Not happy with something? Consider it fixed. Rely on our diligence and proactive solutions.

Get A Free Quote! We'll Get Back to You in 1 Business Day.
Montreal · Laval · Longueuil · Brossard
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