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Bus Stop & Train Station Cleaning Services

Montreal, North-Shore, South-Shore

Bus Stop & Metro Stations Maintenance Services

The feeling of security favors frequenting public places and infrastructures. Users are more likely to use public transportation such as bus, train and subway when these are well maintained and maintained on a regular basis. This is why NertCorp offers you a cleaning service for bus stops and metro stations such as bus shelter windows, pressure washing, disinfection and snow removal in order to offer citizens a cleaning service. transport up to their expectations.

Why Choose NetCorp?

As a professional in the public transportation sector, your priority is to guarantee a pleasant trip for your users and good working conditions for your employees. NetCorp is a company specializing in various areas of cleaning. Contact us to help you guarantee a level of service that meets the expectations of your passengers.

Tailored Cleaning Solutions for Public Transport Services

Whether you need a one-time deep clean or ongoing cleaning services, NetCorp will develop a tailored cleaning schedule plan that meets the unique needs of your transportation services to create a good and long-lasting impression to your customers and passengers. We provide flexible cleaning services early in the morning, evening or weekends to accommodate your transportation services.


Pressure Washing

Pressure washing cleaning services for bus stops, parking lots and driveways. Residential or commercial facilities.


Window Cleaning

Interior and exterior windows cleaning services. Bus stops, trains stations, storefront & window frame cleaning.


Gum & Dust Removal

Gum debris and dust removal around bus stops, under seats, hallways, stairs, and train floor stations.

Dusting & Disinfecting

Wiping and disinfecting high traffic areas, seats, windows, bus stop schedules, poster ads, and touch screen panels.


Carpet Cleaning

Commercial, office and residential hot water extraction carpet cleaning Carpet spots and stain removal services.

Floor-polishing-maintenance-services1 co

Floor Stripping & Waxing

Stripping, waxing and buffing of all types of floor surfaces. Thorough floor cleaning and regular maintenance.

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