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Marble, terrazzo, granite polishing service

Make your floors shine again!

Specialist in polishing marble, terrazzo and granite surfaces

Marble, terrazzo and granite surfaces require specific attention, restore the original look to your surfaces with our complete polishing service! Over time, surfaces develop accumulation of stains and scratches. We use the best equipment on the market and high quality products to ensure that your surfaces stay in good condition for a long time. 


Polishing service:

NetCorp ​ offers you a specialized surface cleaning service for marble, terrazo, granite. We make sure every job is done right. 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed. 

  • Marble floor

  • Granite floor

  • Terrazzo floor

  • Kitchen counter

  • Repair crack in counter 

  • Chip repair on counter 

  • hotel floor

  • Luxury store floor

  • Office floor

  • Restaurant Floor

  • Counter polishing 

  • Shower wall polishing and waterproofing

  • Vanity polishing, bath tower, window sill 

Marble, terrazzo, granite polishing process: Montreal, Laval, Longueuil

NetCorp offers you a flexible polishing maintenance service allowing you to have a weekly, bi-weekly and monthly treatment. Our floor maintenance services can be scheduled at your convenience to meet your business needs. Marble and granite floors require special attention and at Netcorp, we have all the necessary materials and expertise! Check out the steps we follow below!


Step 1: Surface Cleaning

Thorough cleaning of the floor with brooms, mop and vacuum cleaner to prevent dust from sticking to the new wax.

Step 2: Wet the floor with water and a mop

Application of a solvent cleaner in order to be able to completely remove the old wax from the sol.

Floor-polishing-maintenance-services1 co

Step 3:  Pick up the residue using a vacuum cleaner.

Stripping process followed by waxing of the floor on several layers using a sealer and an industrial polisher.


Step 4: Drying.

Following the stripping/waxing, you can estimate between 5 to 10 hours of drying time, depending on the humidity level.


Step 5: Floor Wax

When desired shine is achieved, apply CLS TopShield as protection and allow to dry.  Once dry, use a PowePolish pad with 225GP and a pad holder to complete the process.


Step 6: Enjoy!

Following stripping and waxing, your marble and granite floors will shine with cleanliness. They will be shiny and above all easy to maintain!

Luxurious Hotel Lobby

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