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4 steps to cleaning before and after construction | Netcorp Ltd.

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Construction cleaning- Montréal, Laval, Longueuil

On this article we will focus on the main phases of cleaning after construction, it is all the household tasks necessary from the end of the construction work until the move of the owner.

1) During construction work

The first cleaning that our team does on any cleaning project of a construction that has just finished is the initial cleaning of it. This task is not long in coming, once the construction work reaches the end of a phase, a top-down cleaning is done. The objective of this first intervention is to ensure that the environment is dust-free, that the windows are all cleaned in order to be able to identify any scratches and plan, if necessary, the necessary alterations before starting the installation of various equipment in the kitchen, bathroom etc.

2) Cleaning

The second step is re-cleaning. Once the occasional scratches are fixed and the various installations are put in place, a second overall cleaning should be carried out. This second intervention aims to maintain a pleasant environment while eliminating any dust and debris that result from the finishing work and installation of the necessary equipment. In this phase, the main focus is on the windows, the corners, the terraces, the kitchen and the bathroom.

3) Finishing cleaning or a "Refresh"

As a third step in the post-construction cleaning, extensive top-to-bottom cleaning is carried out including doors, windows, walls, stairs and all corners of the construction. At the end of this phase, the construction is put into working order, the plastic covers of the supplies are removed, and the property is ready for final inspection.

4) Cleaning before moving!

After the thorough cleaning comes the fourth and final cleaning phase after construction. This is the pre-use cleaning that usually takes place one day before the owner moves. This intervention is intended to do the necessary cleaning to install on the property, it is especially essential if a long enough period elapses between the day of the thorough cleaning and the date of habitation or use of the construction. So it’s a matter of having good ventilation, removing the dust that can build up on the supplies, the windows, the doors and the different corners, and also cleaning the floors, especially if the property has been visited frequently.

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