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4 steps for floor stripping and waxing | Netcorp Ltd

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With time and use, floors can lose their luster, especially for high traffic areas. Thus, a usual cleaning is, in general, no longer very efficient to restore the original clean condition of the terrace. This is therefore not very suitable especially for companies that want the cleanliness of their premises to reflect values of elegance and professionalism, or for any owner who is interested in keeping his house in a clean state. And that’s where the importance of waxing floors comes in. So how is waxing done? By following these steps!

1- Waxing preparation

It is a matter of determining the nature of your flooring and its condition. And of course, different floor-coverings require different interventions. The process and the products of stripping and waxing for a vinyl tile floor for example would not be the same for a parquet floor.

2- Floor Stripping

The second step is to strip and scour the floor using cleaning solvents. It is important to use an appropriate dose depending on the degree of abuse of the floor and not to cause any damage such as discolouration.

3) Rinsing and cleaning of residues

After stripping, the floor should be cleaned of the residues of the old wax, the rest of the chemicals used and any other debris that may hang onto it. To do this, a simple scraper and mop can be used with clean water. A vacuum cleaner can also be used to dry your floor faster.

4) Floor waxing

As with the final step, please be sure to choose a wax that fits well with the type of floor covering and the type of finish you would like to have. Your floor should be completely dry before starting the waxing, moreover, to get good results, it is recommended to use a different bucket than the one used for the stripping. Try to start from the inside out so as not to block the door, and follow the instructions for use provided by the manufacturer of the wax product. A clean mop should be used for waxing. It should also be noted that some waxes require polishing, and finally, it is important to ensure that the indicated drying time is respected.

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