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After Construction and Renovation Cleaning Service | Cleaning company

Construction site-carboxes-cleaning service
post-construction cleaning

After Construction Cleaning Company

Whether it is for the construction cleaning between the different phases of the construction site, after the construction or a thorough cleaning for the delivery of the project to your clients, the team of Netcorp Ltd will accompany you throughout your project!

Cleaning at the end of Construction Works

Cleaning after construction ensures a good delivery of your projects for your customers. For this client, the Netcorp team took care of cleaning the classrooms, laboratories, corridors and offices of a college and school after the construction work. Our mandate was to remove dust and construction debris from all surfaces.

Cleaning of school corridors after construction

Laboratory cleaning after construction

Inspection and Cleaning After Construction

Netcorp Ltd. offers post-construction finishing cleaning services to ensure your project is ready for delivery to your customers. We are also experienced in finishing cleaning in order to pass the cleaning inspection to finalize your project. Contact us for a free quote! 1-855-695-7474 or by email at


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