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The importance of cleaning in dental clinics | Netcorp Ltd

Dental office, dental clinic
Dental Clinic Cleaning Service - Montreal,Laval,Longueuil

Cleaning Service Dental Clinics

As a professional dental clinic you understand the importance of cleanliness and ensuring you bring back that original shine!

At Netcorp we will provide you with a team of professionals to make sure your facility is clean from top to bottom and provide a healthy and clean environment to your clients.

Floor Waxing and Stripping

The floors of your facility will experience a lot of wear and tear and during the winter times will be exposed to exterior elements that deteriorate your floors. To restore your floors original shine our team will perform professional floor waxing and stripping services.

Ask for a Free Quote!

Do you need a quote for the stripping and waxing of your floors? Contact us to get a free quote without any compromise! We are a cleaning company specialised in polishing floors in the greater Montreal area and surroundings!

Tel: 1-855-695-7474



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