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Office Carpet Cleaning Service (Before/After)

Grey carpet- carpet cleaning
Office Carpet Cleaning Service (Before/After)

Commercial Carpet Cleaning Service

Restore a healthy and clean workspace for your employees!

Netcorp offers you a customised carpet cleaning service for offices, businesses and institutions.

About the Project

In the case of this project, a computer company in the Greater Montreal Area contracted Netcorp to clean office carpets through an encapsulation process. The Netcorp team completed the work of carpet washing by encapsulation including, office spaces, conference rooms, and corridors on nearly 2,500 square feet.


Whether it’s coffee stains, gum or even food stains, Netcorp Commercial Carpet Maintenance Technicians will clean everything to ensure your offices are at the highest level of hygiene throughout the year.

Ask for a Free Quote!

Do you need a quote for carpet cleaning for your offices? Contact us to get a free quote without any compromise!

Tel: 514-559-6935



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