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Restaurant cleaning with Netcorp Ltd.

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Restaurant cleaning -Montreal,Laval,Longueuil

A clean and hygienic dining environment is crucial to the success and reputation of any food establishment. Regular cleaning and maintenance not only helps to maintain high standards of food safety and quality, but also creates a pleasant and inviting atmosphere for customers.Netcorp is here to help with maintenance and ensureyou that all your customers leave with a smile. Here’s how we’ll help you keep your restaurant clean and organized:

1)Set a cleaning schedule:

This should include daily, weekly and monthly tasks for each area of the restaurant, such as the kitchen, dining room and bathrooms. Based on your needs, Netcorp will evaluate which schedule works best for you.

2)Use the right cleaning products:

Different surfaces require different cleaning products and methods. Thanks to our years of expertise, we have chosen the best supplies and cutting-edge techniques to effectively clean and disinfect each area.

3)Train employees:

It is important that all staff are trained in proper cleaning techniques and understand the importance of a clean and hygienic environment. We will help your employees develop these skills.

4)Beware of high impact areas:

High touch areas such as door handles, switches and menus should be cleaned and disinfected frequently. Since the COVID-19 pandemic, we should all be paying more attention to frequently affected areas, and regular disinfection will prevent the spread of disease, especially during flu season.

5)Keep floors and surfaces free of spills and debris:

Clean up spills and other damage quickly to prevent slips and bacterial growth. With our expert floor striping and waxing services, no task is too difficult for us to get out of your floors and will be as beautiful as new!

By following these tips and following a strict cleaning schedule, restaurants can provide a clean and safe environment for employees and customers and differentiate you from the competition. Take the first step and call Netcorp Ltd today!

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To inform you more about our services, our team is at your disposal from 9am to 5pm, Monday to Friday to answer all your questions. We also invite you to request a free quote for any commercial cleaning needs you may have. You can contact us via the form available on our website or via the following contact details:

Tel. 1-855-695-7474




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