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The 4 advantages of waxing and stripping floors on a more frequent pace | Netcorp Ltd.

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Floor waxing and stripping - Montréal,Laval,Longueuil

Floors face multiple forces and can quickly lose their beautiful appearance if they are not maintained at a steady pace of at least once a year. One of the possible maintenances to preserve the shine of your floor, either for your home or for the premises of your company, is stripping and waxing. Stripping and waxing are beneficial for your floors for the following reasons:

1)Prevent scratches

The forces to which the floors are exposed, especially on commercial premises that are experiencing regular activity, slowly produce scratches on your floor, and as a result your floor begins to lose its original appearance. Stripping allows you to get rid of all sticky objects that leave stains on your floor and help produce scratches. Polishing is beneficial to give a shiny effect to the floor of your space and to serve as a layer that preserves the floors from intense activities such as moving furniture for example.

2) Prevent tile lifting

Tile floors suffer effects applied by the forces of water and debris, this not only impacts the visual side of your tiles, but can also detach them from the ground. Over time, the glue becomes weakened as a result of exposure to water, and your tiles may start to feel unstable when walking. The application of a wax layer allows to block all cracks on the sides and leaves the glue of the tiles intact.

3) Avoid floor staining and discoloration

Without continuous maintenance, constant activity on the surface of your floor will eventually tarnish its appearance and its color will fade and discolor. Stripping would then allow you to renew the shine of your soil, and waxing is used to prolong its duration.

4) Maintain good interior space

The stripping and waxing of your floors on a regular basis is important to maintain the aesthetics of your soil well visible. The general decoration of your commercial or interior space would therefore be well maintained.

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In addition to the service of stripping and waxing of floors, Netcorp also offers services of commercial cleaning and housekeeping. Our scope of intervention extends to Montreal and the surrounding area and we offer quality services at a reasonable cost. To request more details about our services or to request a possible free quote, we remain at your disposal from Monday to Friday on 9am to 5pm. We will be delighted to exchange with you.

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