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Veterinary cleaning with Netcorp Ltd!

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Veterinary cleaning with Netcorp-Montréal-Laval-Longueuil

A veterinary practice is a place where animals and their owners come for medical care. With animals entering and leaving practice every day, maintaining a clean and healthy environment is crucial to preventing the spread of disease and maintaining a healthy environment for everyone.

While some veterinary practices may have personnel who can clean the facility, hiring a professional cleaning company has many advantages that can improve the overall cleanliness and safety of the practice. Here are some of the reasons why hiring Netcorp Ltd. is important to a veterinary practice:

Professional expertise

At Netcorp Ltd., we have developed extensive experience and training in the art of cleaning. Our workers know the best techniques, equipment and cleaning products to use to ensure that the facility is properly cleaned and disinfected. Our services include everything from cleaning the entire facility, including exam rooms, operating rooms, waiting area and washrooms.

Enhanced disinfection

A veterinary practice is a fertile ground for bacteria, viruses and other harmful microorganisms. At Netcorp, we use high-quality cleaning products and equipment specifically designed to kill germs and bacteria. We also pay special attention to high touch surfaces, such as door handles, switches and patient tables, to ensure they are properly disinfected.

Improving air quality

Animals can produce a lot of hair, dander and odours that can persist in the air and cause respiratory problems for staff and patients. Regular thorough cleaning of carpets and upholstery is therefore necessary to improve air quality by removing hair and dander that can circulate in the air.

Increased security

A clean facility is a safe facility. A professional cleaning company can help identify safety hazards, such as slippery floors or loose carpets, and eliminate them before they become a problem. This can help prevent accidents and injuries to staff and patients.

Saving time and resources:

Cleaning a veterinary practice can be a long and arduous task. By hiring Netcorp Ltd., your staff can focus on their primary responsibilities of caring for animals and interacting with customers. In addition, we bring our own equipment and supplies, which can save money to the practice.

In conclusion, maintaining a clean and healthy environment is crucial for the health and safety of staff, patients and visitors in a veterinary practice. Hiring Netcorp Ltd. is there to help ensure the facility is properly cleaned, disinfected and safe. This can provide peace of mind to staff and clients and help create a positive experience for everyone visiting the firm!

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To inform you more about our services, our team is at your disposal from 9am to 5pm, Monday to Friday to answer all your questions. We also invite you to request a free quote for any commercial cleaning needs you may have. You can contact us via the form available on our site or through the following contact information: Tel: 1-855-695-7474 Email:


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