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With NetCorp, opt for a quality commercial cleaning service!

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Commercial Cleaning- Montréal, Laval, Longueuil

We are a professional provider of commercial cleaning services based in Montreal. We work with organizations and companies in various sectors and activities. Our trained and qualified agents, as well as our in-depth experience in the field, enable us to offer our customers a suitable commercial cleaning service. Being aware that the needs of each organization vary, we put at your disposal a varied selection of tailor-made packages to satisfy the particularities of your household maintenance . In addition, our services are also provided in a spirit of eco-friendliness, all maintenance products that we use are chosen on the basis of their contribution in an eco-responsible commercial cleaning service.

What does our cleaning services cover?

NetCorp offers you a commercial cleaning service that goes from basic to fine details. Our services cover, among other things, the following household tasks:

  • Housekeeping: This service includes disinfection and cleaning of surfaces, toilets, vacuuming, general maintenance and many other tasks.

  • The service of stripping & waxing: It is the maintenance of any type of floor with all the care necessary to keep them in a clean state.

  • Cleaning of moving or after construction: It includes cleaning and dusting of surfaces, windows, carpets, removal of construction debris etc.

  • In-depth housekeeping: The in-depth commercial cleaning service consists of maintaining the overall cleanliness of your offices and rooms including for offices, chairs, screens, doors.

What markets are served?

We provide services in a number of sectors, including banking institutions, stores and supermarkets, as well as residential and hotel buildings, restaurants, event rooms and more. Our services are also provided for public sector organizations including administrative offices, schools, public transport, hospitals and much more.

Our portfolio has about ten satisfied customers, and we will be happy to discuss with you any need for commercial cleaning service that you may have. Do not hesitate to contact us for more information about our services or to request a free occasional quote.

Ask for a free quote!

Email us at or contact us at 1-855-695-7474 for a quote,


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